grAss gasket!

                         grAss gasket! 
       Collapsible Waterproof Sitting Mat...
             Keep It Dry!  •  Keep It Clean!

Bottom line.
grAss gasket is a collapsible waterproof sitting mat that is ideal for ALL OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES... Take it EVERYWHERE you take your Butt! Don't leave home without it! 

How many times have you sat down somewhere and then stood back up only to realize that your Butt is either Wet or Dirty? Not anymore! grAss gasket Seals The Deal!

Waterproof Material: Polyester                      Size Fanned: 16in. x 14in. (OSFA)                  Size Collapsed: 6in. (Fits in back pocket)
Suggested Users: Unisex-All Ages
Color: Silver/Black


grAss gasket Collapsible Waterproof Sitting Mat! Keep It Dry! • K...

                         grAss gasket!           Collapsible Waterproof Sitting Mat!                                                                        

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